The little things

It doesn’t matter how much money you have, what clothes you own, what car you drive or what house you live in. These are material possessions that we’re going to leave without eventually. In the end, the things that do truly matter in life are the love of the people you surround yourself with, the memories you make and the experiences you have. These things, you can still look back and immerse yourself in even when you’re 105 years old and ungraciously drooling from the mouth.

In saying this, I feel that there’s no greater importance than living every moment like it’s the first and last day of your life. This doesn’t mean spend big and not plan ahead, obviously those things are still important for sustenance. What I mean is, make all the actions and choices based on what you would do if today was your last day on earth. Make the most of every day by having that sense of excitement or exhilaration when you first did that thing, as well as choosing the things you do as if it would be the last thing you could do.

Obviously, this is not always achievable. Nobody wants to be at uni or at work if it was the last thing they could do (no judgement if it is). However, know why you do these things. Do the things that you love and enjoy… And if you don’t love it or know the reason behind why you’re doing it, then you should consider leaving it. However, please don’t misinterpret this message as not committing to things even if it’s necessary to achieving that thing that you what you want to do/be. There’s a massive difference between working hard (and at times struggling) to get to the place where you want to be in life and simply not liking it. What I’m suggesting is, do things purposefully. If you know that there’s a light at that end of the tunnel, keep going ahead… But if all you see is a gaping black hole, then maybe it’s time to move on. There’s no point slaving away at a job for 30 years, only to look back and wonder what you’ve been doing with your whole life. I’m still young, but I’m living by the policy of cutting off all the things that make me feel crappy in life; whether it be people who are dragging me down or a job that makes me feel majorly stressed out. Seriously, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Don’t hold grudges.
At the pinnacle of my angst-ridden teenage years, I can remember hearing so many people ‘not liking’ somebody because ‘they looked at them weirdly this one time’. I’d also hear a lot of people passing off judgement about others and feel no shame whatsoever. Being judgemental is unnecessary hatefulness that is the reflection of our own insecurities. By being judgemental, we’re so completely self-aware and scared of other people’s perception of us that we don’t let ourselves do things that make us break character. When we judge other people, what we are really voicing is our want for them to change who they are. We want them to change to reflect someone who fits our ideals… And in turn, we fear that others judge us and want us to change.

By building a facade of what we think is perfect or living in fear of other’s perceptions of us, we don’t let ourselves truly live and do things that could be potentially life-changing. I think this is such an important concept, because naturally we all care about what others think about us. It’s okay to a point, but the moment it starts to become debilitating and stops you from doing the things you truly want to do, that’s when you should get that shit sorted. It frustrates me so much when people don’t live the lives they want to live because they’re scared of what others might think of them. You’re not living their lives, you’re living yours. You shouldn’t let their judgements or potential judgements dictate your life.

Appreciate the transient nature of time and everything that surrounds it.
Time is fleeting, and every moment we waste doing nothing can’t be bought back. With this, everything else that follows the liquid state of time is also momentary. The movement of the clouds, the direction of the wind, even the path of a bird… it’ll never be that exact replicative pattern ever again. So, learn to not dwell on the things that you can’t grasp. Alternatively, be grateful for everything that crosses your path. Try to think about the simple pleasures of life, instead of trying to go against the natural state of things. It’s so much more fulfilling to just live and enjoy the moment rather than spending every moment of everyday thinking about the past or what might be in the future.

Not even going to lie, it’s insanely difficult to slip into a rhythm of constant gratitude and appreciation as it’s become so foreign to our society. With the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, many of us don’t think we have the time to enjoy every moment, especially as it’s become one of those things that we need to pull it into our conscious awareness every time… But, how I see it is, every little moment counts. The smallest things have the power to make us happy, yet, we still let it slip by us because we’re dwelling too much on the things that don’t matter in life.
So, I challenge you to live in the present. To take more pleasure in the small things in life.

Until next time, my friends.
Kylie x.


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