The appropriate amount of f***s to give: ATAR Edition

Just about a year ago, thousands upon thousands of Year 12 students received their ATAR scores, and I was one of them. It was probably one of the most nerve-wracking things that I’ve experienced in my life… It was also one of those things that was more blown out of proportion than it should’ve been. I’m not sure if this will help anybody, but maybe it’ll make somebody feel better for a second.

The thing is, when I received my ATAR, it wasn’t a bad score. It was actually a good score. Except having been blessed with Asian genetics, I had these unrealistic expectations of myself and legitimately thought that this number determined the outcome of my life. It made me think that if I had tried that little bit harder, maybe in the future I would become some genius mad scientist who would find a cure for Cancer and make a zillion dollars that I would give away to charity.

So, isn’t it a little stupid? Thinking that one number can change the outcome of your future? In reality, it’s what you do with this number that counts. I know I sound like a typical teacher or careers advisor… but the score doesn’t and will never determine your success. Perhaps you might’ve gotten a 99.95 ATAR, this doesn’t mean that you’ll score well throughout university. Maybe you have a certain dedication and prowess when it comes to academics, but it doesn’t guarantee shit. Even if you get a 65 ATAR, perhaps you took a different approach to your studies during year 12, but it doesn’t mean you’ll do badly in life, maybe you’ll even score better throughout uni than that 99.95 kid.

This is where I get to my point. In the grand scheme of things, this number means nothing. Yes, it might make getting into university next year easier. Maybe it’ll save you a couple of steps in getting into your course. However, I can’t stress this enough. The score doesn’t determine your success, your career or whether you’ll be happy in the future. This is all in your hands. If you really wanted to become a lawyer, but only got a 65, you will find a way to be one. You did not work (or play) for these 13 years of your life to give up because of a stupid number. Numbers are stupid, anyway. The important thing to do is to not let this bring you down. If you want to do something, but didn’t get the score you wanted to do it, then f%^* the system. You’ll go through pathways and all that serious stuff.

Having experienced the whole ups and downs of VCE and all those scary results just a year ago, I can promise you this one thing. Nobody gives a flying f%#*. The number of people who have asked me what my ATAR was during the uni year? Zero. The number of people who I have asked? Zero. If anything, we were all holding each other for moral support as we experienced the stress of first year uni. Now, that my friends, was not fun.

Seriously though, with your results, it’s done and there’s nothing you can do about it. The only thing you can do now is to plan for what you’ll do next… Unless you’re one of those crazies that decide to repeat Year 12 to get an ideal score. The truth is, give or take a month, your ATAR means nothing. It never existed… Neither did VCE… Or high school for that matter. It was all just a tediously long and hazy dream…


2 thoughts on “The appropriate amount of f***s to give: ATAR Edition

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  2. I try not to break down because 2013 was such a fucking awful year for me while everyone I hated claimed they loved it and had fun. But its okay, right? Because Atar doesn’t matter…

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